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Comment on Designing a Food for Free Data Mural by Guest post by Rahul Bhargava: data murals at MIT! | Food For Free Thu, 19 Mar 2015 18:40:27 +0000 […] a story to tell in hand, students worked together to create a visual design that would tell that story. The central visual metaphor of the tree was the symbol they choose to show the idea of […]

Comment on A Data Story about Food for Free by Guest post by Rahul Bhargava: data murals at MIT! | Food For Free Thu, 19 Mar 2015 18:39:15 +0000 […] interesting stories we could tell to try and re-inforce Food for Free’s mission. Students narrowed in on the story about the amazing growth in Food for Free’s […]

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“These datasets, starting with school gardens, but expanding to school environments in general would be helpful in potentially determining whether there was a correlation between the quality of education, wealth, and the quality of the school environment.”

Correlation between SAT test and wealth of neighborhood:

Correlation between wealth of neighborhood and urban trees: (original paper:

Quality of education is hard to define. Is it measured by SAT score or overall success of the former students? Even through this lens, research shows that inherited wealth is the most important factor to economic success and education attainment:

So a few interesting questions might be: do Boston schools fit into this national narrative? Or is Boston an outlier? If Boston schools are outliers, is it because they’re schools, or is it a specificity of the city?