Daily Data Log

Data log, starting at 12:20 am on February 6, 2015 and ending at 2:13 pm on February 6, 2015.

I am currently generating this document.
You are currently reading this document, probably in a browser which is keeping track of all of the sites you have visited in a while, on a computer that is continuing to send packets to a router to stay connected to the internet, and even more packets to a server when you refresh/load/interact with a page. This page is probably keeping track of how many visitors it has seen. Through you, I am generating data.

Before going to sleep, I wrote the following in a note (another generated document) on my phone’s S Memo app:
I charged my phone, consuming a fairly small amount of power that was recorded by Nstar, which provides my apartment with electricity.
I turned up the heat before going to bed; the gas used is also being recorded by Nstar.
Sleep time and duration could have been observed (by myself or an outsider) and recorded; before sleep, I set an alarm. Upon wake, I turned off an alarm after it rang twice. The music it emitted was also data that could have been collected.

I used an amount of water to brush my teeth.
I followed a schedule that exists online, using Google Calendar.
It took me a certain amount of time to walk to campus; my cell phone sent GPS requests to GPS satellites as I walked.
There may have been a cell tower handoff if I switched coverage zones; it is always possible to track me to within some radius if my cell phone is on.

I used a credit card to purchase a quesadilla for lunch at Anna’s.
My bank statement records most meals I have, and also most meals I miss.
My Firefox browsing history keeps track of all of the sites I have visited in the past year.
My current tabs (which are also available on my phone) keep track of what I’ve been interested in over the past week.
I googled some queries, which was recorded by Google.
I scribbled my homework solutions in a green notebook.

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