Food Safety For the Travelers

As I started to gather some tips for my trip to France, blogs and guidebooks bombarded me with the pictures of elegant French dishes and long lists of the “Must-Try” restaurants.  Similarly, when I prepared for my trip to China, every resource talked about food–the diverse style of cooking in China, what to try on the Markets, what spices are used, what I must try and what I must not, etc.  It seems like traveling cannot be talked about without talking about food, and I believe that goes pretty much the same with life..!  As an enthusiastic eater and “eye-eater” on food blogs, I recently found this poster that alerts travelers about their food safety.




This poster categorizes common foods any traveler encounters during their trips into ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’.  It displays actual pictures of the food and successfully grabs its audience’s attention (and appetite).  It must have been hard to skip over this page, if it were on magazines such as ‘Budget Travel’ and ‘Travel & Leisure’.  The poster informs the international travelers that fresh food such as salad, raw fish/sushi and fruits are more dangerous than dry food such as canned tuna and cooked meals such as boiled eggs and grilled vegetables.  It also suggests that while bottled water is reliably safe, tapped water should be avoided or drank with caution, depending on the countries they are travelling.

This poster successful grabs the readers attention by using actual pictures of the food, instead of simply listing the safe and unsafe items.  It also does a good job of pairing the counterparts (for example, bottled water vs. tapped water, cooked steak vs raw meat, boiled egg vs. not-fully cooked scrambled eggs).

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