Snowday-pocalypse Data Log: 2/9/15


I tooled at my computer from midnight to ~2:59am doing the following:

– visited Stellar to download materials

– updated google calendar to account for snow day

– checked Tumblr several times

– checked emails

– created this document in google docs

– watched 10 videos of dance performance consecutively on youtube

3am ~ 11:30am

sleeep zzz


Woke up after snoozing two alarms

Skip breakfast in the dining hall,

eat a bowl of instant oatmeal

All on iPhone:

– manually update apps

– download three apps after browsing the app store

– check FB messenger, Groupme

– check Gmail, calendar

Wore glasses instead of contacts

12pm ~ 2:45pm

Played Hay Day (real-time “farming” iOS game) for most of this time, but I also played a few rounds of Bejeweled Blitz and Two Dots. I also responded immediately to messages on Groupme and Messenger that were received on my phone

2:45pm ~ 7pm

This time is spent almost continuously on my laptop using the internet. Sites/activities included:

– Gmail

– Google Calendar

– Atlas

– reading Stellar assignments

– Re-enable Facebook News Feed and scroll through for the first time in several days (was previously using Kill News Feed on Chrome to block it)

– reblog a few posts on Tumblr

– respond to text messages on laptop

I received about 10 notifications from Hay Day, and checked the game each time. I eventually disabled the app from sending notifications, and did not play it for the rest of the evening.

9pm ~ 11pm

Download and watch movie for a HASS assignment

Update google calendar to reflect Tuesday school closing

Check facebook and tumblr before going to bed


A few totals:

– emails sent: 5

– emails received: 117

– emails trashed: 45

– text messages sent/received: around 50

– time spent online: ~10 hours



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