A Day of Tracking down Data

Date: 2/11/2015 (Wed)


  • check time using my iphone and go back to sleep


  • Waken up by alarm, snoozed the alarm, drank water (~three gulps out of a pitcher)
  • Ate a yogurt, two eggs for breakfast. While eating, look outside through window and realized it started to snow again. i.e. gathered information about today’s weather.
  • Attempted to check the weather/temperature using iphone, but it took too long (perhaps it was also trying to get out of its sleep mode too) and I didn’t really need/want to know the temperature, so I closed my phone.


  • check time again and rush down to BC gym for  morning exercise.


  • Started biking: the machine kept track of the calories, resistance, speed, heart rate, muscle used throughout my workout.


  • Checked the time, logged into gmail using my iphone
  • Took an elevator to get back to 5th floor.


  • Used bathroom: some system in the dorm must have been keeping track of how much water I used, the electricity used to light the bathroom and heat up the water.


  • Bought a cup of coffee and payed using my credit card.


  • Swiped my ID in order to get into the Athena Cluster
  • Logged into the computer using my ID and password


  • Logged into my gmail, read emails, filter out spams, added two important events to attend on the google calendar.


  • Create a google doc to record this document


  • Used my BOA online account to make transfer between my accounts
  • Bought lunch from Anna’s and used my credit card to pay
  • Checked my Facebook and replied to messages: FB kept track of not only the messages I wrote but also in which city and at what time I wrote the messages


  • In 6.033 Lecture, I answered an in-class vote


  • Swiped my ID to get into the Margarat Cheney’s room


  • Used an elevator in Rotch
  • Used a printer to print a problem set for 6.045 and readings for 6.033

6:50pm – 9pm

  • Answered an application survey on Piazza Career
  • Emailed a9 interviews and answered their questions
  • Searched on google a bunch of things (such as ‘what is UNIX’, ‘Trailing dot in DNS’, and ‘Regular Expression distributive?’)
  • Logged into Stellar to check psets and readings


  • Swiped my ID to get back into my dorm
  • Signed on the “get-better” card for Peggy
  • Set up an alarm for tomorrow morning
  • Practiced some javascript and saved the script on my laptop’s memory
  • Posted a short daily write-up on the blog
  • Listened to Pandora: marked “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” to indicate my preference based on which Pandora recommended the subsequent songs

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