Val’s Data Log (2/8/15)

  • woke up, notified sleep tracking app on my Android phone device
  • checked email, social media (replied to several emails and one Facebook message)
  • checked my living group’s meal plan signup Google spreadsheet
  • looked at Google Calendar for the upcoming week
  • checked CMS.619 syllabus (Google Doc) for clarification on assignment
  • clicked hyperlink to class blog (to read others’ blogs)
  • checked in anticipation of the snowstorm (data on website sourced from many measurement sites, my visit logged)
  • read several articles posted on by friends (clicks and likes logged by Facebook, views of articles logged by their respective websites)
  • logged 2 books in my “to-read” queue
  • showered (total water use measured by City of Cambridge)
  • brushed teeth several times during the day (water use)
  • used the bathroom several times throughout day (water use)
  • ate communal food at living group (all communal food purchased with house card, logged by financial services corporation (ie: Visa/AmEx/etc.), total food use measured weekly by “stewards” who purchase food)
  • heated food on gas stove (amount used measured by gas supplier)
  • used various electronic devices (electricity used is measured by electricity supplier)
  • logged TA work hours for this week on MIT’s Atlas website
  • listened to music on (plays logged by site)
  • listened to music on Grooveshark (data both logged by site and sent to my account)
  • worked on several assignments on LibreOffice (data stored on my computer)
  • reblogged 2 Tumblr posts, added 14 to queue, liked 5 (data logged by Tumblr)
  • printed assignments and readings for lab class (documents downloaded to computer from course site and data sent to printer)
  • spent most of the day with my cell phone in my pocket (data usage and location tracked)
  • spent time with housemates, most of whom also have data and location-tracking phones
  • notified sleep tracking phone app that I was going to bed

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