data log: Laura

My data log for Sunday Feb 8th. ┬áThe list includes only “collected” data–does data exist before it is recorded? (if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?).

Some examples of non-recorded/non-observed data that I created include: vital signs, sleep habits, eating habits, actions, trash generation, movement patterns, items in my environment (e.g furniture), time use, products/consumables used, sewing machine use, radio use, newspaper/book reading speed, typing speed.

I also noticed that the amount of data I created on a very quiet weekend day at home was significantly less than the amount of data I created on a weekday working at school. Interacting with society creates more information!

Collected data includes:

–electricity use, gas use in the apartment
–gmail use throughout the day: receivers of messages, contents of messages, timing of receiving/sending/reading messages, amount of time spent per message
–online activities (chrome): sites visited, length of visit, times of visit, content, followed links, recirculated links…analytics blocker stops some of this data from collection?
–gchat conversations: person spoken too, content, timing,
–texting & calling friends & family: time of exchange, length of exchange, contents, rough location? (tracking is off, but cell towers or other methods?)
–google calendar: data of event, reshuffling of events, location of events

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