Tuyen’s 24hours data activity log

I was in New York last weekend so this relates the trip back home that shows a more data generated activity than a regular quiet weekend.

Sunday Feb 8

11:00 woke up in the hotel room no alarm clock

11:00 checked texts on my iphone to see if friends responded to my texts about D’angelo concert feedback.

11:30 took a shower, used water from the hotel

12:00 check out of the hotel room and use the hotel computer

12:05 booked some tickets for a Broadway show via credit card, on the hotel computer received confirmation email.

12:15 booked a table via Opentable for 2 for lunch (but never went)

12:45 went to a random Japanese restaurant instead

13:15 checked facebook and online reviews on last night concert

14:00 restaurant paid by credit card and got printed receipt.

14:30 walked on Times Square and took some pictures – my iphone tags the location of the picture

14:33 a camera on times square took my picture and shows on a gigantic marketing board for Revlon

14:40 arrived at the theater and pick up tickets at registration, barcode tickets were scanned.

15:00 show starts.

16:00 intermission, bought drinks with my credit card

17:30 going back to the hotel by subway, paid $10 metro card refill by credit card at the subway station

18:34 took the train at central park to West Haven. Tickets were bought the day before via credit card and were checked manually byan agent

18:40 listened to music on the train with Spotify on my phone

19:25 received text from MassArt closed on Monday

20:15 arrived at West Haven and picked up the car – security cameras in the train station.

20:20 used Google maps app for directions to Home

20:30 received email from MIT alert. School closed

21:00 collected a ticket for the toll

22:30 filled up the car with gas on Mobil station with the Speedpass – will get the bill at the end of the month

22:45 ordered some food and paid credit card

23:30 paid the toll $2.75 in cash – probably security cameras

00:00 arrived home safe, brush teeth- data will be reflected on water bill, city of Arlington

00:15 put the heater in the room – will be reflected on electricity bill

00:30 turned on Netflix to watch a movie, I searched by category foreign movies – and felt asleep.


Monday Feb, 9

08:30 woke up naturally– no alarm.

08:45 brushed my teeth and bathroom use- reflected on water bill, city of arlington

09:02 received texts on my phone, date and time tagged checked facebook, instagram

09:18 put the Netflix movie back- right where I stopped it the day before

09:30 replying to emails- connecting to home network (Xfinity)

09:33 received email from Opentable saying “Sorry we missed you at the restaurant”

10:00 weight myself – records the weight on the digital scale

10:17 received email from my bank asking why I transferred huge amount of money on Dec 8 and Jan 21

10:21 looked at my bank account HBSC App on my phone, bank tags last time I logged in.

10:34 opened a new word document, saved it several times on my laptop

10:45 downloaded the Txto app on my mac – browsed all your texts ready for printing.

11:00 watched French TV show on canalplus.com with login and password

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