Deborah’s data log

Sunday, February 8

11am – 12pm: Check email on phone and laptop, respond to gchats, use water in bathroom

12pm – 1pm: Call two people, check email again.

1pm – 2pm: Check MIT shuttles & Nextbus for grocery shuttle on phone (uses phone location), forward and reply to emails (TA duties)

2pm – 3pm: Eat lunch at grocery store (utensils), use credit card to pay for groceries, obtain grocery receipt, check shuttle app multiple times, read a Medium essay while waiting. When I get home, tap my MIT ID into dorm, send more emails, call my sister, check Facebook, and update Stellar for class I TA.

3p – 4pm: Respond to Doodle poll, copy a google spreadsheet to assign grades, enter them into Stellar.

4pm – 5pm: Catch up on Internet reading – various sites (Atlantic, Wikipedia, HackerNews), call my family

5pm – 6pm: Search artist on Spotify iPad app, put on an album.

6pm – 7pm: Respond to intermittent gchats, check Facebook, look at website for class I’m taking.

7pm – 8pm: Get started on lab1 – lots of google searches, piazza, github, stackoverflow, various blogs. Look at sandwich recipe on AllRecipes, turn on oven, check Facebook, eat.

8pm – 9pm: More gchats, google state of Snowpocalypse, check Twitter.

9pm – 10pm: Look at bread recipes on food blogs, read about various foods (mostly first two pages of Google results)

10pm – 12am: Intermittent gchats, Internet wandering – check my news sites (Atlantic, nytimes, New Yorker, Hacker News, Gawker), watch Youtube, check Piazza, email