A [snow] day of data

Note: For the sake of brevity, there are a few pieces of data that are generated continuously.

Things like:

  • Checking email (email read data, email read receipts) – I check my email extremely frequently.
  • Pedometer data (Health data on iPhone 6)
  • Checking social (Facebook, snapchat, GroupMe, Slack)

Main log:

  • Wake up – check smartwatch for daily notifications
  • In-depth email checking on iPad
  • Check Facebook (generate view data)
  • Send a snapchat (read receipts)
  • Check Groupme (read receipts)
  • Google search (“Is the T running today”)
    • Google Chrome anonymous browser statistics generated
  • Make a payment with MITFCU debit card
  • Tap ID on senior house, added to visitor log
  • Check email
  • Google search (variations on “seinfeld episodes”)
  • Send text messages
  • send Facebook messages
  • Watch Seinfeld episodes (Generate views on website)
  • Send Facebook messages
  • Download episodes of ‘Better Call Saul’ (Generate internet traffic statistics, views)
  • Send Text messages
  • Open Computer (generating usage statistics)
  • Using browser (usage statistics)
  • Searching Piazza (view data)
  • Search email (search results
  • Login to 6.815, change password (view data, sign-in log, change in db)
  • Writing code (IntelliJ usage statistics)
  • Git commits and pushes (creating commits, trackable history online)
  • Watching ABC with xfinity on-campus (login log, TV view information) (Fresh off the Boat)
  • Purchase a pizza (Creating an order, payment log on MITFCU)
  • Tap ID for EC (Entry log)
  • Tap ID for Senior house (Entry log)
  • Watch Youtube (view data, added to recommendations for user)
  • Visit a blog (view data)
  • Play music on Spotify (usage statistics, playback logs)


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